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on this page you'll find some links sorted by category to intersting pages on the internet

3D - software-links

private pages with my own 3D videos und 3D photos ;-)
mitglied.lycos.de/stereo3d Peter Wimmer's homepage - programer of Stereoscopic Player
www3.zero.ad.jp/esuto/ Masuji SUTO 's homepage: programer of StereoMovieMaker, StereoPhotoMaker, StereoMoviePlayer - all FREEWARE !
www.virtualdub.org VirtualDub - a freeware program for videoediting

3D equipment

www.perspektrum.de 3D Equipment (glasses, cameras, 3D equipment)
www.3dphotopro.com lentincular software and prints

3D organisations

www.stereoskopie.org Deutsche Gesellschaft für Stereoskopie
www.stereoscopy.com/isu/ International Stereoscopic Union




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